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Nearly three years after the LIFE+ project GypConnect started, you can now read all about the exciting results from the project team in the latest newsletter. 


Highlights from GypConnect

In the latest newsletter you can read about the latest results of the bearded vulture captive breeding network, the ‘Vulture Festival’ held last May to celebrate the release of three young bearded vultures into the Baronnies, the movements of some of the reintroduced birds, including the fantastic news of Calandreto  moving through to the Pyrenees, updates on the work being carried out to reduce some of the threats to bearded vultures and a report on the first GypConnect seminar which brought together  ornithologists, scientists, park managers and farmers to discuss the positive links between farming and the conservation of vultures. 


LIFE GypConnect 

The project, led by the League pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO), in partnership with the VCF and other partners, aims to establish a breeding population of bearded vultures in the Massif Central, as well as in the Pre-Alps, through reintroduction, and promoting dispersal movements between the Alps and the Pyrenean population.This project is part of the VCF strategy to restore the species in western Europe, now that the Alpine population is firmly re-established with 50+ territorial pairs This year three more bearded vultures were released in Baronnies – last year we released 8, in Grands Causses (4), Baronnies (2) and Vercors (2).


The LIFE GypConnect newsletter is available to download below and is in French. 

5th Newsletter from LIFE GypConnect
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