Director - José Tavares

José Pedro Tavares, a Portuguese national, is a biologist with a life-long vocation and action in the field of nature conservation. After doing his university in Lisbon, he went on to the UK to do a PhD on ornithology (the study of birds) . He then worked for the Portuguese Government National Park Service, and spent 12 years at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a UK charity, and the biggest nature conservation organization in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world. There he managed the RSPB programme in five countries: Turkey, where he is based, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain. At the VCF since February 2013, José is enjoying very much the opportunity to build an organisation from scratch. He aims to develop the VCF into a sustainable, effective, leading organization securing the protection of vultures and their habitats. This work involves not only on-the ground conservation projects and activities on vultures, but also, curcially, organizational development and management.  On his (limited) spare time, José tries to go birdwatching, but he is also a part-time foreign correspondent (for a Portuguese newspaper), and enjoys practicing sport – mostly soccer, squash, and jogging.

Scientific and conservation coordinator - Franziska Lörcher

Franziska Lörcher has her first encounter with Bearded Vultures already as a girl when the first three young vultures where released in Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as an optician and several years working she completed high-school and studied biology in Bern and Zurich in Switzerland. For her Masters' thesis she got back to the bearded vultures. She investigated the genetic diversity of the reintroduced Bearded Vulture population in the Alps. She works part time for the Swiss Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture where she is responsible for the observation of the released young Bearded Vultures and other tasks. For VCF she is the scientific and conservation coordinator and works for example in three different LIFE projects for the monitoring, GPS marking and genetic analysis of vultures. For her it is very interesting to see how vulture conservationist work together throughout Europe and experience the development of the new foundation. In her spare time Franziska likes to be outdoors, for hiking, climbing, snowshoe walking, skitouring, and bird and other animal watching.

Vulture projects coordinator - Jovan Andevski

Jovan Andevski was born in Skopje, Macedonia, and studied Biology there. His first working experience was as a project assistant on a vulture conservation project in Macedonia (2003). Since 2008 he is working as the coordinator for the Balkan Vulture Action Plan, firstly for the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, then for the Frankfurt Zoological Society and since 2013 for the Vulture Conservation Foundation. During the last 10 years he worked on vulture research and conservation, project management and coordination in the Balkan region and Spain, and has also been involved in the Black Vulture reintroduction project in France and the Griffon Vulture reintroduction project in Bulgaria. For the LIFE GypHelp project Jovan works as a science officer for actions against poison.

Bearded vulture captive breeding manager - Alejandro Llopis Dell

Born in 1964, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Alex did his basic studies in Spain. He is a veterinarian from the Vienna University. During his veterinarian studies he collaborated in the Bearded Vulture Reintroduction Project in the Alps for the releasing program, from 1986-89 in Austria and from 1991-1994 in Switzerland, and at the same time as volunteer in the Richard Faust Zentrum. In 1996, he became technical responsible from the Andalusia Autonomous breeding centre “Centro de cría Guadalentín” which is building the basis of the Andalusia Bearded Vulture Reintroduction Project. Since 2006 he is technical responsible for the project area of the Catalan recovery centre “Centre de Fauna Vallcalent” where we reproduce Bearded Vultures and Lesser Grey Shrikes. In 1995 he became coordinator for the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture in all matters, which concern the activities in Spain. And in 2008 he became officially a member of the FCBV (now VCF) board. he coordinates the Bearded Vulture EEP in Spain since 1996, and collaborate in the International EEP of this species. 

Financial Manager and Administrative Assistant - Alice Gama

Natural from Porto, Portugal, 1979. BSc in Biology (Aveiro). Between 2003 and 2006 developed research and field work about birds of prey in Costa Rica and USA, and the impact of powerlines on bird populations. From 2007 to 2016, she worked at ATN, in Northeast Portugal, as a conservation manager, being in charge of projects, including LIFE projects. At VCF, she is responsible for the financial management and supporting the organization's administration. In her spare time, Alice has started a sustainable farming family project, and works as a farmer and manager, producing organic olive oil and almonds in the Northeast of Portugal, close to nesting habitat of Griffon and Egyptian Vultures.



Bearded vulture captive breeding assistant - David Izquierdo

David Izquierdo is a Spanish Biologist, born in Seville in 1985. In 2009 he got a degree in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Marine Biology. Soon after, he entered the dispersal phase and left Spain for 8 years to travel far and wide. He went to Austria to work as an intern at the Richard Faust Zentrum in 2009, and then collaborated in several projects on raptor reintroductions and conservation at the VetMed University in Vienna. While being there, he joined the International Bearded vulture Monitoring (IBM) and spent three years assisting with the administration of the project. Afterwards he moved to New Zealand to work at Massey University researching North Island Brown Kiwi from 2013-2015. He then decided to come back to Europe to coordinate the ex-situ actions for the reintroduction of Saker Falcons in Bulgaria. In the end, philopatry and the possibility of working for an outstanding organization such as the Vulture Conservation Foundation made him return to his homeland. He’s now based in Lleida, Spain, assisting Dr. Llopis with the maintenance of the captive population of Bearded Vultures as well as aspects of administration for the VCF.




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