All about vautours – the French national conference on vultures is coming!


Vautours fauve, moine, gypaète barbu et percnoptère – if you want to know the situation of these 4 vulture species in France, and discuss current issues on vulture conservation in the country, then come to the 23rd annual meeting of the Réseau Vautors France 2017, that will be held in Bielle (French Pyrenees) on 13-15th October.


This year´s meeting – organized by the Pyrenees National Park and the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux), promise to be rich in discussion and analysis, and we will certainly have the good food and the evening singing that made these meetings so rich and enjoyable in the past.

You can have a look to the preliminary programme below – if you are interested to participate, please register online at

Rencontre annuel du réseau Vautours 2017 - programme
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