Egyptian vulture Rupis busy flying around the Douro area – but will probably not breed this year


Rupis - the subadult Egyptian vulture which was captured and tagged in the Douro canyon in the framework of the project LIFE Rupis last July, and that after having spent the winter in the National Park Boucle du Baoulé in western Mali travelled back to the Douro, has been busy lately.


After starting his migration late – in early April, and following a fantastic migration of about 3800km in 15 days, Rupis has been circulating in the wider Douro area. He shows some preference for the dehesas around the Embalse de Almendra (see maps), possibly exploring some food resources associated with livestock explorations there, but has visited the Douro Canyon several times, including the surroundings of Miranda do Douro.


Rupis is already on its fourth calendar year, but it seems that it will not be breeding this year. However, the data we get from its GPS unit will help us to find out more about the places he forages on or about his roosting sites. 


You can follow the movements of Rupis and other Egyptian vultures here



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