Young wandering bearded vulture now in northern Germany, on the North Sea.

The young bearded vulture which was observed in mid-February in Western Germany (see here) and then in March in Holland is now in northern Germany - we have just received a new sighting from the North Sea!


The young bird (hatched in 2016 and unringed) was observed on the 30 March 2017 by Behrend Dellwisch on Wangerooge, one of the East Frisian islands in the North Sea. He discovered the bird because common shelducks, barnacle geese and plovers where startled by the vulture. Other observers saw the bird sitting in the harbor. It later circled higher and disappeared in a north-western direction. 


It is remarkable that this bird could survive for such a long time outside its preferred mountainous habitat and foraging areas.


Many thanks for the excellent collaboration and information transfer! We are still interested in any observation of the bearded vulture!


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