A staggering 750+ Egyptian vultures counted together in Oman last weekend – one of the highest counts ever of this species in the wintering grounds


Jens and Hanne Eriksen – who run the www.BirdsOman.com website – told us that last weekend they counted a staggering 750 Egyptian vultures in Oman: 640+ at Al Multaqa rubbish dump (near Muscat), and then another 100 at the bearch at Qurayyat later in the day.




Oman is a stronghold for this globally endangered species, as it holds a sizeable breeding population - including the second most dense breeding population in the world (after Socotra), on Masirah Island, and receiving thousands of Egyptian vultures from Europe and the Western Asia.




A program of research and conservation of Egyptian vultures has been developed in Oman since 2012 by a partnership that includes the government, NGOs, private consultants and volunteers.  That work has included surveys of breeding vultures, surveys of rubbish dumps, satellite-tracking of individual birds, and a film. You can see some of the results here http://egyptianvultureoman.blogspot.co.at/. The VCF has been supporting our colleagues in Oman in their efforts.



Photo: Waheed AlFazari (Al Multaqa) and Hanne Eriksen (immature Egyptian vulture)

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