Second captive-bred Egyptian vulture released in Bulgaria is also migrating – Lom follows Regina, while the latter flies south to Cyprus!


Lom – the male captive-bred Egyptian vulture released in a hacking platform in Rusenski Lom Nature Park (NE Bulgaria) some weeks ago – is also going south, following in the footsteps of Regina.



Lom left the hacking cave on the 25th of August and for the next two weeks stayed within 15 km radius around the hacking site, feeding regularly on the nearby supplementary feeding site established to help the birds gain strength. Then, this week, on the 6th of September the young male started to migrate south, following a very similar itinerary to Regina’s journey. On the first day Lom flew about 100 km south reaching the Eastern Stara Planina and spent the night near Sliven. Next day he continued south to Eastern Rhodopes flying over Madzharovo (the most emblematic vulture site in Bulgaria, and just 2 km from the Vulture Information Centre), and entered Greece, in a daily flight of about 170 km. Lom spent the second night in the area of Dadia (the most emblematic vulture site in Greece), only about 6 km from the place where Regina roosted on her way down. And today he is probably flying above the Dardanelles. You can directly follow his migration from here.



As for Regina, she continued to fly East towards Antalya Basin, and from there she reached Cyprus yesterday. She flew off into the sea early in the morning 06:00-07:00, and flew for about 9-10 hours over 230 km of open sea, reaching land in the afternoon - at about 16:00-17:00. She spent the night in the western part of the Island.



We hope these birds continue southeast now towards the Middle East – Cyprus is relatively close to Syria - and not south as the sea crossing there would be probably too long for them.



We will continue to post updates on their journey. We also expect Elodi to start it´s migration soon too!

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