International vulture awareness day - griffons will be released this Saturday in Badajoz


As part of the International Vulture Awareness Day, the NGO AMUS – our partners in Extremadura – will release this Saturday two griffon vultures, following successful rehabilitation.

The event, organised together with the VCF and the Junta de Extremadura, will gather children from local schools, as well as officials from local municipalities.

The objective of this symbolic release of griffon vultures is to inform the local community about the role and importance that vultures play in the local ecosystem, inform them about the work AMUS has been doing, and to bring people closer to vultures.

AMUS, the Junta de Extremadura and others collaborate with the VCF in several vulture reintroduction and restocking projects, and many of the griffon vultures that enter rehabilitation in that region end up in the reintroduction projects elsewhere (Bulgaria for griffons and black vulture, France for black vulture, Sardinia for griffons).

The event follows a similar one done last year (see photo), which was a success. If you are in the region and want to participate, please call AMUS on (+34) 924-124-051 or contact



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