First bearded vultures hatched in captivity in Bulgaria feature in National Geographic!


The first two young bearded vultures ever hatched in captivity in Bulgaria are the stars of the Bulgarian edition of National Geographic.


The baby bearded vultures were born in captivity, from a pair that belongs to the bearded vulture captive breeding network (EEP), managed by the VCF, and kept in the centre in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria.


Bearded vultures have disappeared from Bulgaria 60 years ago, and finally got extinct from the Balkan Peninsula in the early 2000s, when the last pairs in Greece and Macedonia disappeared.




The adult pair was given to Green Balkans by the VCF back in 2007. For nine long years the team of Green Balkans has been patiently expecting a good result – that finally came this year. Two eggs were laid, and as both were fertile, two beautiful baby bearded vultures hatched. You can see a video here


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