Bernardus the black vulture is in Doñana National Parc

A month ago we reported about the fantastic trip along the Spanish Mediterranean coast of Bernardus, the young black vulture born in captivity and released last September in the reintroduction project in Verdon, France (see news).


After spending some time between Gibraltar and Cadiz, Bernardus moved on to the Doñana National Parc. Antonio Jesús González Martín from the National Parc could observe her with a group of griffon vultures. Apparently she is following the griffon vultures to find food.


Bernardus also had an encounter with an Imperial eagle pair. While flying around she got too close to a territory and got chased away by the eagles. After flying already such big distances, she had no problem to escape and find some better suited places.


To continue to follow the movements of Bernardus, please click here


All pictures are from Antonio Jesús González Martín from the Parque Nacional Doñana

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