More black and griffon vultures die near the Avila waste treatment centre (Spain)

The rests of two more black vultures and two griffon vultures have been found in the last few days by members of the Colectivo Azálvaro, a local NGO, near the waste treatment plant of Avila, in Central Spain. This follows the findings of at least 6 other black vultures there last summer – see here for details.

The birds now found dead were in advanced decomposition, and it is impossible to identify the cause of their death, but given the earlier incident, the most probable is that they also died after eating something toxic in the waste treatment centre.

Spanish NGOs have been pressing the authorities to investigate what is killing the vultures in that waster treatment centre, and to take measures to prevent vultures accessing the waste – but unfortunately the authorities have not yet published the results of the autopsies done on the animals that died last summer. A few months ago another marked adult black vulture was found dead in its nest, together with its chick, after having visited the waste treatment centre.

It is a pity that the authorities - both in Avila, and in the Castilla y Leon region – have not been proactive in dealing with this issue, and the result is that vultures keep dying there.

Photo Colectivo Azálvaro

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