The International alpine bearded vulture observation day is this Saturday - come and count bearded vultures with us in the Alps!

Last year over 600 observers saw more than 90 different bearded vultures in this simultaneous count - out of an estimated 200-250 birds that now live in the mountains there.

The bearded vulture reintroduction project in the Alps is one of the most successful and celebrated wildlife comeback stories in Europe. Following extinction in the beginning of the 20th century, the species started to be reintroduced in 1986, and today there are 34 established territorial pairs that this year fledged 19 young. The population is slowly increasing in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Every year, bearded vulture researchers and enthusiasts attempt a one day simultaneous survey across the alpine chain, to count and identify as many bearded vultures as possible – an exercise that helps with the regional monitoring efforts, and ultimately will contribute to accurate population demography figures.

This year´s count is on Saturday – 10th October.  All over the Alps, people will spend the day in the mountain and keep an eye on the bearded vultures and count them! Please contact the regional coordinators below if you are interested in participating or contact us for any other question:


Italy - Stelvio:

Italy - Aosta:

Italy - Alpi Marittime:

France - Haute

France - Mercantour:

France - Ecrins:

France - Grands Causses:

France - Vercors:


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