Breeding season 2015 – and another chick hatched in Tierpark Goldau

More good news from Switzerland – a chick hatched from one of the three pairs of bearded vultures there, which are part of the VCF-coordinated captive breeding network (for reintroduction).


The proud parents are Masha and Hans. Mascha came to Goldau in 1998, after already producing two chicks in the Richard Faust Captive breeding venter in Haringsee (Austria). In Goldau she continued to breed well. In June 2003 its mate died because of an accident (he crashed against a tree), but she was given another male quickly, called Hans, and continued to breed well. Mascha has laid so far 25 eggs, from which 18 chicks hatched and 13 survived. Of these 11 have been released, all in the Alpine reintroduction project – there are now 30 pairs across the Alpine mountains, that last year produced a record of 19 young! We hope this new chick in Tierpark Goldau could contribute to this most fantastic project – the restoration of bearded vulture in Europe.


You can see a live-stream from the nest here>>



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