Burkina Faso? No thanks – let me go back to my preferred spot in Mali – or the incredible voyage of Tizón, the young Egyptian vulture

Tizón - the Egyptian vulture tagged on the 24th September in the Sierra de Hornachos (Extremadura, Spain) – decided to go back to northern Mali after a quick visit to Burkina Faso.

Tizón had been found in August in Extremadura, disoriented and suffering malnutrition, and after rehabilitation was released by the Junta de Extremadura, AMUS and the VCF with a tag. The Egyptian Vulture is globally endangered, and Spain is one of its strongholds – between 1300 and 1500 pairs, of which 170 in Extremadura.

Tizón has quickly migrated south, but then spent three weeks in October on the Mauritania-Mali border. He then continued south and by mid-November had almost reached Bamako, Mali´s capital. He then flew East, crossed the Niger river, and went into Burkina Faso last week, but now flew all the way back, and is now again in Mali, close to the Mauritanian border!

To be continued!


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