Helping hand from the other side of the Atlantic - vulture fans from Georgia (US) fundraise for the Vulture Conservation Foundation

Think globally, act locally. The message comes in all the ecology manuals, because indeed only by taking action we can see things happening. This was also indeed the (positive!) attitude of some local vulture fans, from Athens, Georgia. Using the framework of the International Vulture Awareness Day, celebrated on the 6th September, a number of volunteers from the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division, the Bear Hollow Wildlife and The Oconee River Audubon Society organised a Vulture Festival at the local landfill site to spread awareness about vultures, advertise recycling efforts and promote the new outdoor classroom on site.


The event included an educational scavenger hunt, bird walks, educational and fun stations for kids including “Bald is Beautiful”, “Vulture Crafts” and a “Stomach Acid Station”! Staff from Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky were also present with their rescued 22 year-old Turkey Vulture.


Throughout the event donations were raised for the Vulture Conservation Foundation, mostly in exchange of edible Zebra and Hippo Flavoured Vulture Vomit, and Vulture Cookies made by volunteer Gail Sellers.


The event raised the symbolic sum of $70, and, more importantly, passed a message to the hundreds of visitors – vultures are an important part of the ecosystem, and need all our help.


The VCF would like to thank all the enthusiastic volunteers for spreading the message – keep up the good work!


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