The VCF has promoted vulture conservation across Europe during the International Vulture Awareness Day


“Do they really only eat bones?!”, asked a Swiss kid during a talk on the bearded vulture in TierPark Goldau (Switzerland), awe stamped on his face. This is what the international Vulture Awareness Day is all about – bringing these birds closer to the hearts and minds of people.

And the VCF did just that - staff, board members, and volunteers from VCF organised and/or participated in a number of events, from Italy to Spain, across Switzerland and France.

From visits to a vulture feeding station in Riserva Naturale del Lago di Cornino, to the public launch of a new project in Cluses (haute-Savoie), and a visit to the bearded vulture captive breeding centre run there by ASTERS (Conservatoire de Espaces Naturels de Haute-Savoie), from talks and guided visits to the bearded vultures aviary in TierPark Goldau to the inauguration of a new enclosure for this species in Córdoba Zoo, one message ressonated across Europe – vultures are great, they play a unique role, and we should all stand together for vultures!

See some photos of the events above.


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