Indian vulture conservationist makes emotive plea to FATRO - please stop manufacturing diclofenac!


Indian colleagues involved in saving the last few vultures in the Indian subcontinent make emotive plea to FATRO – the Italian company who is marketing the drug in Europe: please stop manufacturing diclofenac! You can read their letter below.


The VCF has contacted FATRO and asked them to consider a voluntary withdrawal of the drug, but sadly the Italian pharmaceutical company has refused. FATRO was well aware of the association between veterinary diclofenac and vulture declines, and have thus acted in bad faith when it pushed for a marketing permit in Italy and Spain. They have an enormous responsibility in all this situation, and will be held responsible when vultures start dying.


If you would like to write to FATRO to convey your thoughts on their reckless approach, please do so at



Letter from SAVE to FATRO
Letter from SAVE India to FATRO.pdf
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