African vultures & poison - dramatic biodiversity crisis with as yet uncharted human health consequences

Photo: André Botha 2013
Photo: André Botha 2013

Widespread, increasing and mostly illegal use of poison is decimating African vulture populations, precipitating a biodiversity crisis with as yet uncharted human health consequences. These are the main conclusions from a recent workshop organised to discuss the issue, which has gathered 20 experts from Africa, Europe and North America. Twelve leading conservation organisations speak in unison: Without rapid and effective action, Africa will soon lose some of its vultures!


Below you can find the joint press release, and also the conclusions of the meeting. You can also download all presentations and supporting documents at

Conclusions - International workshop on poisoning & vultures in Africa
International workshop on poisoning - Co
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Press release
Press-release - Vultures & Poison in Afr
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