VCF reviews the last year and plans more exciting vulture conservation work

The annual meeting of the VCF management and advisory boards took place this weekend 
in the superb MónNatura Pirineus center (Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera) in Planes de Son (
Spanish Pyrenees).
In this annual meeting, VCF staff, board and scientific advisors discuss the most relevant 
vulture conservation issues. This year, the debate focused on the following
  • Update on the bearded vulture reintroduction projects in the Alps-Grands Causses, 
    and discussions about their future
  • Emergency action plan to save the bearded vulture from extinction in Corsica
  • Black vulture reintroduction projects in Europe
  • Griffon vulture reintroduction papers – best practice
  • Incidents between vultures and live cattle
  • Artificial or supplementary feeding of vultures
  • Interspecific competition between griffons and other species
  • Diclofenac in Europe


External guests from Rewilding Europe, MAVA and the Parc Naturel Regional de Corse participated in the meeting, and contributed to some of the discussions. 

The VCF would like to thank the board and staff from the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera for the warm welcome and the spotless support. The VCF and the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera already collaborate within the bearded vulture captive breeding network, and we have taken this opportunity to discuss opportunities to enhance and develop this partnership.


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